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One of the Best Things You Can Do for Yourself, Others and Planet Earth.

Connect with Nature will empower you to take care of yourself, others and the natural environment by forming a close relationship with nature.

Connect with Nature is two books in one. First, it is a practical guidebook that will help you weave nature into your life in a way that suits you, regardless of your age, background, abilities and circumstances. Second, it is book with a message—that connecting with nature is immensely valuable for us individually, for our families, for our communities and for the natural environment.

Dr Les Higgins

Dr Les Higgins is a deeply nature connected person. He has experienced the life-enhancing power of nature directly and extensively, mainly through bushwalking, trekking and gardening. An enthusiastic and experienced bushwalker, he is a life member of the Yarrawood Bushwalking Club, which he helped establish in 1982.

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(Five star rating) In this book, you will learn so much about how connecting with nature can help heal you and your family by feeling the energy that it emits. Discover what you can do to help take care of nature so that it will be preserved for future generations to enjoy... If  you're a newbie looking to get in touch with nature or seeking to learn about the different activities that are available in your natural environment, this book is for you.'

Vernita Naylor - Readers' Favorite reviewer

I found Connect with Nature to be an excellent read; it was well-written and thoroughly-researched, but not dense. Furthermore, I was impressed by how well Higgins knew his stuff. He’s clearly passionate about nature-connectedness and keeps up with the latest research on the topic. If you're a student or anyone else interested in the science of nature connectedness, Connect with Nature will help you identify great sources to follow up with. I highly recommend you read Dr. Higgins’ Connect with Nature. Whether you want to become more nature-connected yourself, or you simply want to learn about the science of nature connectedness, I’m sure you’ll find value in this book.  '


As we emerge from these unprecedented and screen-weary times, Connect with Nature is the book our children desperately need us to read. The research is abundantly clear. Nature-connectedness and time spent in nature are essential for our physical and mental wellbeing. This evidence-based book is filled with practical activities and resources to gently guide children and their carers towards learning, playing and being outside. By increasing their love of the natural world, we can gift the next generation a lifelong connection to the earth and to their own best selves.'

Kate Rotherham - BA, BSW, MAASW (Accred) Child/ Adolescent Counsellor

Connecting to nature is good for you. This book may inspire you to connect more with nature which may also inspire you to do more to take care of nature.'

Dr Ian McGregor - Environmental academic, activist and researcher.

In these times when uncertainty and chaos rule our lives and when many of our human created systems are failing, nature is the perfect place to turn for healing, comfort and security. Nature is the place where I feel most at home, where I belong, where I feel life is reduced to its simplest yet most meaningful.  That is not only when I am in the high Himalaya, or on a bushwalk in an Australian national park but also when I am out birdwatching on my local beach, listening to the chortle of the magpies in the morning or trying to get the photo of a group of superb fairy wrens. Nature offers everyone a home no matter who you are or where you embrace it. Connect with Nature is a valuable and impressive book that will encourage and help you find your home in nature.'


This informed, personal, and practical book welcomes us into the great outdoors with open arms. Dr Higgins invites readers to connect with nature, not for didactic, political, or romantic reasons, but for the very simple reason that we are, fundamentally, environmental animals. We are best suited to be at one with nature. As a practical guide, the reader is given permission, along with the tools, to build their own version of their connection with nature. The book is a practical guide to the gentle process of regaining our humanity.'

Emeritus Professor Bill Boyd - PRESIDENT, BUSHWALKING NSW

Reading this book helped me shift from Yeah-yeah-nature-is-great-I-must-get-out-there-more to actually prioritising nature connection in my week. And doing that with joy and a sense of anticipation rather than obligation. This book reminded me of the fundamental importance of connecting with nature; not just for me and those I love but as part of nourishing my creative practice.'